About us

Italian Jewels - Certificate of Membership with Miami Chamber of Commerce Southeast

We are particularly happy to have you in our store and to reconfirm, after 30 years in business, that our mission is to create and select the finest jewelry and accessories, to offer products that meet all the needs of our customers, their families and the people in their lives, when making a quality, long-lasting gift.

Our store is located in north-east of Italy, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, not far from Venice, one of the most productive areas of Europe.

This is where more than a century of artisan tradition has developed into high quality industries, making production from the area appreciated worldwide: Murano glass, solid wood chairs, sophisticated fabrics, top-quality footwear, renowned white wines and of course, gold production from Vicenza. And the list goes on.

People in this area have earned a reputation for their professional integrity and for being hardworking. This is why we believe more than ever in the Italian goldsmith and silversmith tradition, which is created in our laboratories with discipline, precision and care.

The products we sell are 100% made in Italy, from design to manufacture. Ours is an all-Italian story and we are proud to offer you the very best, every day, for your satisfaction.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.

Italian Jewels - Gemological Institute of America - Diamonds Certificate
Italian Jewels - Gemological Institute of America - Colored Stones Certificate